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Attaching Swing Weight

Advantage Swing weights are composed of two pieces- a plastic coated mass that conforms against the strings and a quick turn knob that that slides smoothly against the strings without damaging them.

The unit is attached by holding the weight to the strings of the racket with the mounting stud extending through the stings at the desired location on the racket. The quick turn knob is then spun onto the stud until the weight is held firmly in place.

The further toward the top of the racket the weight is installed, the greater the resistance. In contrast, minimal resistance is achieved by placing the weight as close to the handle as possible.

Attaching Swing WeightAttaching Advantage Swing Weight


Swing Consistency

Advantage Swing can help you develop a strong baseline stroke.

Swing Consistency Swing Consistency Swing Consistency

Serve Training

The Advantage Swing weight is ideally suited to assist in developing an optimum serve. When the serve swing is practiced with the weight attached to the racket, an extended snap is produced in swing. This creates the proper muscle memory movement desired for a serve.

Serving Serving

Strength Training

Use Advantage Swing weights as part of your training routine to improve your overall swing strength!

Strength Training

Warm Up Exercises

Enhance the desired muscle memory movement before a match.

Provide practice swings without having to chase balls and when not on the court or at home.

Backhand Swing Forehand Swing

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